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It's Not Much of a Title, But It'll Do [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rick Bradford

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Happy Holidays [Dec. 6th, 2005|03:47 pm]
Rick Bradford
I got an e-mail forward the other day from a friend of mine directing me to visit the American Family Association website where I learned that they campaign against and boycott – each year, I presume – businesses and other entities who refer to this season's holidays as anything but "Christmas". Their argument, apparently, is that if you say "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays" you're taking the Christ out of Christmas. It's as if the Christian holiday is the only holiday that occurs at this time of the year.

Here's info on their Target boycott: http://www.afa.net/targetboycott.asp

It's sheer lunacy. Think about it: Their goal is to get Target to refer to the holiday as "Christmas" in their – and I quote – "in-store promotions [and] their retail advertising". Their lofty, most holy goal is to associate the birth of their saviour with fucking consumerism. C'mon, kids, let's go out and celebrate "Christ, the Reason for the season" (their words) and spend, spend spend! It's God's will!

Lowe's, you may be interested to know, caved in to their pressure and has removed banners on the fronts of their stores that say "holiday trees" (and, I assume, replaced them with ones saying "Christmas trees").

Apparently, they also believe Christmas trees should represent their saviour as well. But, really, it's a matter of "branding" and that should creep anyone out, Christian or not.

Here's the big list of "anti-Christmas" retailers:

Maybe it's just me, but I think a better campaign for Christians to focus on might be, oh, I'm just pulling this out of thin air, but how about this:

Peace on Earth, good will toward all.
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Star Trek slash [Oct. 23rd, 2005|06:21 pm]
Rick Bradford
This is the best thing I've read on eBay ever:


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Ricko needs [Oct. 15th, 2005|09:43 am]
Rick Bradford
From semibold:
1. Go to google.com and type "(your name) needs" Then pick the 5 funniest ones there. (or more if you like.)
2. If your name is James, you would put this in to the search engine: "James needs"
3. you got the idea?

Then copy and paste this into your journal with your answers filled in.

• Ricko needs his friend to provide him with an alibi.
• Ricko needs to improve His quickness off the ball, as well as His intensity.
• Ricko needs to go out to a couple of parties, drink some booze, drop some "kakaloodies", dance with some girls and get laid.
• Ricko needs about $25000 If he's planning on taking me in one turn.
• Ricko needs to pull his finger out!

I like the second one because "His" is capitalized. It feeds my God Complex.
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I hate winter. [Oct. 7th, 2005|09:36 am]
Rick Bradford
Well, winter's on its way. It's cold here today and you know what? I'd forgotten how much I hate trying to wipe my ass while wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Maybe I'm the only one who runs into difficulty, I don't know..
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current eBay auctions [Sep. 1st, 2005|10:03 am]
Rick Bradford
I've got a bunch of stuff at eBay right now, for those interested in that sort of thing. All of my current auctions are here, but below is a partial list. Lots more mini-comics and zines will be added, too, in the coming days and weeks.

Read more...Collapse )
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Annette drew me a picture at work! [Aug. 28th, 2005|03:01 pm]
Rick Bradford
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R.I.C.K.O. [Aug. 27th, 2005|09:03 am]
Rick Bradford
Robotic Intelligent Ceaseless Killing Organism

(Thanks to semibold)
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Have a Nice Day [Aug. 23rd, 2005|04:58 pm]
Rick Bradford
Has anybody else noticed that, at retail establishments anyway, "thank you" has been replaced by "have a nice day"? It's becoming increasingly rare to hear a store clerk thank me for shopping with their store. And if it's not "have a nice day" then what I usually get after I say thank you is "you're welcome".

I mean, I know most retail employees don't give a shit and I don't blame them. But if I'm not imagining this trend then it means that the companies themselves don't train their employees to make this basic gesture. They're the face of the company. If they don't pretend to appreciate my business then I have to assume that the company actually doesn't appreciate my business.

Try to think about this for the next, say, 10 businesses you go into and see what happens.

Maybe it's just me.
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Yes, We Have No Bananas [Aug. 23rd, 2005|04:40 pm]
Rick Bradford
I don't know how many people reading this enjoy so-called "novelty" music, but I just found an amazing resource for fans of the Dr. Demento radio show. The Mad Music Archive's goal is to catalogue every Dr. Demento broadcast (the show started in 1972) and make them available online as streaming content (and mp3s!).

Dr. Demento is sort of a goofy character, I know, but the guy knows music and I feel I owe a great debt to him for the things he's exposed me to since I started listening to the show at around the age of 13. I haven't listened to it regularly in years (it's getting harder and harder to find on the dial even in major markets) but I still have over 20 tapes of edited shows. I'd been trying to replace those tapes with mp3s here and there so this site is a real find for me.

It looks like the audio files start around 1982 (you have to register to see and listen/download) and it's been fun for me to see the playlists of broadcasts I'm familiar with (from listening to my tapes a hundred times) and to see what songs my teenaged self deemed unworthy when I edited the shows down.

My biggest find? At some point, Tom "T-Bone" Stankus' "Existential Blues" was edited to remove the "to dream the impossible dream" bit from the chorus. I don't know the details but I assume lawyers were involved. Well, this site's got the original. I haven't listened to it yet, but it's all over 1982 and the editing was done later than that (I believe).

Anyhow. Nerd out.
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I just learned a new word. [Aug. 22nd, 2005|06:26 pm]
Rick Bradford
Here's a title of an eBay auction that I just had to share:

Ah, it is to laff.

Speaking of eBay auctions, I've got several running right now. A couple of mini-comics lots, a zine lot and promos for the first X-Men movie, Samurai Jack and that Witchblade CD.

All of my auctions are here and I'll be adding more regularly. Y' know, FYI and all that.
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